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We all know Libras can be some of the easiest people to get along with and it’s easy to take advantage of that fact. In whatever aspect of life, it’s important to be cautious of Libra people because as much as they try to be good people who try to please  … they are not saints.

Libras excel at the things they do so they would expect people who work around them to be the same, especially if these people work for them or under them. A Libra boss can be very strict and anal-retentive. They will give you leeway (a lot of it) but when they need something done pronto expect them to breathe down your neck until you do so. When they set their minds to do something, they will find a way to do it. They would, of course, be cautious and think of every possible way with the least consequence but they will go to their destination when they say they will. What you need to do with your Libra employer, as with any employer, is to earn their trust and make them see you can do get the job done, exactly the way they want it to and when they need it, of course. This way, they can leave you alone to work on what you need to do. They will hear you out when you have suggestions and let you work they way you want to. Normally a Libra boss will let you work out your own terms as long as you get the job done but you need to prove you can do it with no drama and with very little error possible. This is the only way they will trust you to deliver the way they do.

In making suggestions, you need to plan carefully on how to present it without making it look like you’re not convinced with their ideas. If you could, put it in a way that may seem like their idea led you or inspired you to come up with yours. Libras can have big egos too so be careful on stepping on their toes. Show them you respect them without looking like you’re sucking up. As fair as these scale represented people can be, they can drive you to the ground with the tasks they throw your way so be prepared to handle it and reason out with them in a very diplomatic way. If you really feel you have too much on your plate, present the problem to your Libra boss and back it up with facts and they’ll hear you out.

The best thing about having a Libra boss is knowing you can party with them at the end of the day. No matter what happened in the office, a Libra will always have time to have a drink, dinner or chat with his / her employees outside of work. Libras can be very professional and set aside work and differences if it means they can have fun with you. Do not pass up a chance to get to know your Libra boss outside of work. If anything, this can strengthen your relationship with them.

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