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What every people with a Libra partner need to know is that it doesn't take a lot to please the Libra guy. It takes quite a bit to understand them, though. 
A Libra guy is carefree. He'd go with almost anything you want if you know how to play your cards right. Just give him what he needs, and he'd give you more than what you need. Even if it's equivalent to the moon and the stars. It may seem like you're constantly buying his affection, attention or whatever it is you want from him and your relationship but that's only because Libras believe in equality. His sign is represented by the scales, after all. For him, both of you are involved in a relationship so both of you should work on it. Probably the best thing about having a Libra guy for a boyfriend is that he's always willing to compromise. Or at least consider the idea of compromising. It may take time for him to decide on his stand because he's notorious about changing his mind when making decisions. He takes forever not because he's fickle. In a way a Libra guy is a perfectionist so he would want to make sure he's doing the right thing. Once he has, he will work on a compromise that will suit both of you. With your approval, of course.
He's a natural people pleaser so expect him to go out of his way to give you what you need but keep yourself in check and make sure you don't abuse this. A Libra guy can be a lot of things but one thing that he's not is stupid. Libras have a long patience but take him from granted and he'll leave you on your own. They're not vindictive and won't necessarily get mad. He just knows he's better off with someone who would treat him the way he does her. 
When with a Libra man, you don't only have to be open minded, you should also try to extend your patience. As much as you can. In line with their notorious decision making, they can change their minds a lot or decide on something, usually an activity, instantly. If they want to go out with their friends, you can't keep them on a leash and say no. You will learn they have a huge circle or a lot of different friends that their social calendars are always full. Surely, this poses a problem. What you can do is let him know that you're okay with him hanging out with friends and that you understand that some things are really the spur of a moment type but that he should make sure his plans doesn't affect your activities as a couple especially if you're already married. Try to sort of "plan ahead". If, for example, your Libra guy has something planned next weekend, ask him if he can spend the next weekend with you. And vice versa. If he spent the whole weekend with you, let him hang out with friends the next time they ask him out on a whim.
If there's one thing people should learn from Libra men, it's that every relationship needs balance. And both of you needs to work on it.

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