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Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Libra Lover

Love is in the air once again. Or more specifically, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Cupid and heart decors in every establishment, red and pink roses dominating the corner flower shop and each and every store at the mall will have their Valentine special gig. You can't miss it. It's coming. Really, really soon. So just like what you did during the Christmas season, it won't hurt to avoid the rush and think of an appropriate gift for your Libra lover now.
If you don't know what to give to your Libra partner, here's a bit of insight on how to pick a present. Do it based on his/her personality. 
For example, they are romantics through and through. So maybe try for poetry. Write them a poem or a short story even. Of how you much you love them and how you love spending each and every second of the day with them. Some may find it corny but the sweetest things can also be the corniest of them all. Plus, were talking about the Libra here. They're all for cute and sweet stuff.
They also love beautiful things and anything that has to do with the arts so you could try to score a couple of invites to a gallery opening or an art exhibit or a theatrical play followed by a dinner at home or anywhere romantic. If you're in a budget try for a museum. If time permits, take her out for the whole day. And if there's a beach or a picnic place in your area, then all the better. You could do lunch or breakfast or a picnic. It's true that Libras love things glamorous but you don't have to do it anywhere fancy. Your Libra mate might find it more romantic if you'd actually go for a DIY valentine meal. It will make her feel special that you took so much effort preparing the simplest trip and the simplest meal. If you want to do it at home, make sure you have candles and romantic music in place. Yes, you may think she'd like it better if you show your affection off in public (Libras are a bit of a show off) but there's always Facebook. :p 
Not that they won't appreciate the usual presents like flowers, chocolates and a plushie. But at least add a bit more twist to it if you don't want to stray from tradition. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, try its petals on the bed or floating on a hot tub for a scented bath followed by a sensual massage. Instead of a box of chocolates, try chocolate body sauce for you to share and play with at night. You can also opt for flavored butter or whipped cream if you want it a bit more natural and safe. Make sure you don't get the ones with harmful chemicals. That can't be sexy. 
Actually, of all the zodiacs a Libra might be the easiest to please but would you want to settle for something mediocre on the day that (next to their birthdays) he / she is most excited for? Remember that Libras are in love with the concept of love and falling in love so they're all for Valentines day. For them, it's like Christmas all over again.

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