Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Want to get to know a certain Libra woman? You might have to wait in line. These women have very busy social calendars with not just of men wanting to date them but people of all ages and genders who wants to be close to them. What can we say? They are very pleasing individuals and one look at them gives you the impression they can give you a great time anytime, anywhere. They like to make people happy so if you want to be happy you should stick with one. She is not only the life of the party. She is the planner, coordinator and executor. She knows just what to do to please the person or people she cares about. She has so many acquaintances and she admits it's hard for her to keep up on who's who but don't judge her for that! If you want to stay in her life then you need to work on it! Make an impression and let her know you are willing to meet her halfway. You cant expect her to do all the work and be okay with it. She is a people pleaser but definitely not a saint.

When does her horns come out? She can be naughty and playful but in a good way. She wouldn't want to create any sort of mess. Her symbol is the scale and it represents her nature of always trying to be fair. She doesn't judge people, at least not right away. She wants to know both sides first and weigh the facts and everything that comes with an issue before she decides which side she takes, that is if she even decides to take a side. She may be good natured but don't think of crossing her because she can fight back. And know that she has facts to back her up.

Being an air sign, Libras can be seen as detached when it comes to relationships. Yes they try to please their partners but they also value themselves so they may not give all they have in a relationship. At least not at first. If you do prove you are worthy, she won't have a problem giving as much (or even more) as she is getting. Libras also value their freedom so don't tie them up or make them feel cornered in any way. Not that they'll flee by the mere thought of it but they won't be happy in a caged set up. They like to be spontaneous and not numbered. They believe that spontaneity shows a person's real colors. Their real intention. Because you can catch them off guard. That and, for them, things done impromptu are always fun because you'll never know what results you'll get.

Libra women has an outstanding taste in art of every form. They know beauty when they see it. They are ruled by the planet Venus and Venus represents not only love but also beauty. In and out, Libra are beautiful people. They may seem like the now-you-see-her-now-you-don't type but look into her deeply and you'll see how lucky you are for having one in your life.

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