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The Libra Sibling

People may act differently when with friends or acquaintances than when with their own blood but their stronger traits prevail. They just bend in different ways. Relationships between siblings still vary depending on each party's maturity level, upbringing, gender and, of course, their zodiacs. Remember that in dealing and trying to get along with anyone, one needs to get to know the subject's personalities to be able to act and behave properly. There are people who would attest to Libras being the greatest brothers and sisters  one can ever have. There are also those who say their Libra brothers make their lives a living hell (with a lot of exaggeration, of course).
LIBRA BROTHERS: Looking into a Libra's personality can tell us a lot on what it's like having a Libra brother. An older Libra brother can be nonchalant having air as his sign's element. He may always be out with his friends playing sports or hanging out at a bar. He is very friendly so he has a lot of social activities and he prefers it that way than staying in but this doesn't mean he doesn't care about what goes on at home. Relationships are very important to a Libra and that includes family ties. He may seem distant at times but he's always there. He can be protective of his younger siblings whether boys or girls. He will teach his younger brother the sport he wants to learn and even give him good advice with girls. His little sister can always count on him to stand up for her and be her knight in shining armour. A younger Libra brother may be a bit annoying but what younger brother isn't? They are mischievous but it's only because Libras love the attention and they want to get it from everyone especially their family. The more they get ignored, the more their active imaginations can come up with pranks to pull. This can get them in trouble, yes, but bear in mind they don't mean any harm. They want to get noticed so give them the tlc they deserve.
LIBRA SISTERS: The older Libra sister will always be out too. She has a lot of social obligations because she won't just run in one social circle. She will be involved in a lot of groups and activities whether it be personal projects with girlfriends or for the community. She's always ready to go out of the door but she also doesn't forget about special dates so don't be surprised if she's already planned a small party for your birthday and even invited your friends for it. It's one of her talents. Getting people together to have a little fun. She is also the peacemaker. Most Libras are. They make sure arguing siblings talk the issue over somehow. If they can do it for friends, they'll surely do it for their families. They don't like arguments so they will try to make peace with you first. Younger Libra sisters are the same way. If possible they are sweeter. They will still want all of the attention for themselves so be patient with them.
Just because you're trying to figure them out right now doesn't mean you're the only one exerting effort to try to make the relationship better. It just means you care enough to make it work. And knowing a Libra, he/she is probably trying to figure out how to make the relationship run smoothly too.

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