Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Seducing The Libra

Libras are social and friendly by nature so getting to know one is easy if you are really determined. They try to be fair and not judgy (which is really hard to do so you gotta give it to these people) especially to the ones they just met and barely know. They reserve judgement at a latter time so be careful what you do or say when you start spending time with them. Sometimes it could be the little things that could attract them to you. For those who wish to be with a Libra in a more intimate manner, though, attracting them is the least of your worries. You'll figure out how without reading any self-help articles. The Libra is always ready for a conversation -and for almost everything- so they tend to be impatient. That being said, don't make them wait. Not too long! If you want to be intimate with a Libra, that's the worst thing to do. Their minds and eyes (and hands!) will wander to places (and people) you wouldn't appreciate. Strike up a conversation, ask them out, gain their trust, make your move!

So the question now becomes, how do you make your move? Although most people see Libras as flirts they won't just jump into bed with just about anyone else. Especially, the lady Libra. Sex for a Libra is special and they will expect no less because, if you remember, these are the same people who are in love with love itself. They would want every moment with their partner a memorable one. If you feel like it's time, leave hints and make sure to be very subtle about it. When asking a Libra it shouldn't have to be verbal or an outright "Will you make love with me tonight?" I suppose it depends on the person but what's to stop you from being a bit mysterious and romantic at the same time? Surely the mystery and romance would make things more enjoyable if not memorable?

If you're with a male Libra why not invite them to dinner at your place? But instead of meeting them at the door give him a key in advance, tell him to let himself in and let your imagination run wild from there. You could leave a piece of your clothing from the door to leading to the room where they'd find you in bed wearing <insert too hot for words clothes here>. Or instead of the bed you could lead the "bread crumbs" to the bath where they could find you in the tub with rose water. There's nothing wrong with having dessert before a full meal, once in a while.

If you're with the lady Libra dinner would be a nice beginning too. Make it as romantic as possible. Play music from her favorite romance movies, dance with her, have flowers, candles, the works. Guide her across the room to a comfortable place and let your lips and hands do the talking. If she doesn't resist, you'd know you're on the right track. :)

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