Libra Conflict Resolution

Conflicts happen in every relationship no matter how hard you try to avoid it. A couple may have a lot of things in common but there will come a time they will disagree on something. Even the so called smooth sailing relationships can come across waves that will rock the ship. It's not the end of the world, though. There are ways to work things out if you really want to. Even the peace- loving Libra gets into a fight with their loved ones. Yes, they try avoid any sort of argument as much as they can but sometimes arguments come barging in. Libras have a calm facade and an aura that spells fun and good times but just because they're one of the most hopeless romantic and peaceful signs on the zodiac wheel doesn't mean it's going to be easy to appease them when they're upset.

For starters, and obviously, people under the scale sign are hard to piss off so you must have done something really extreme to get them upset. Or something distasteful. Libras are very diplomatic and they try to be fair all the time. They do have sudden angry outbursts but this very seldom happens and it's not like the freak- out scenes you'll get with other signs; they will try to maintain their poise at all times. They will consider what needs to be considered when they are in an argument. They check their reasonings before they say it out loud. If they can they'd even rehearse it just to be sure they say the right things. As much as they try to be objective, every person has the tendency to lean on something so don't expect them to be the one to understand you all the time.

Now, the best way to resolve any kind of conflict is to approach the topic the right way. And to know how to approach it you need to determine the core issue. Ask yourself questions like: What did you do to make the Libra mad? What happened that made you react that way the first place? Are there any people outside of the argument that you can ask to figure out if it was really you or your Libra partner who did it? Normally, the cause of a usual argument with a Libra is when you do something of bad taste. So try to figure out what that is and open the topic up very gently. Don't push Libra to tackle the issue right away. Another thing Libra hates are confrontations. They'd let it drag and things might get worse if you're not careful. Give them presents or just small tokens as a peace offering. It will help but then again it's what you will say that will matter. Now, when you do start talking try to make the Libra understand that you'd like to work on the issue TOGETHER. Use "WE" and "US" instead of "me", "i", or "you." Libras are big on companionship so let them realize you are together in this (or any) issue. When you get their full attention you can start appealing by talking about your point but make sure you let them say their piece too. Try to reach a compromise if a solution is not available right away. It's not hard to do this with a Libra. They will settle for something in the mean time if they think it will make things better.

Once you get to explain your point and make them understand and feel that you respect their opinion too, it won't be too hard to get back to how you were before the argument started. Just remember next time to try to avoid getting in an argument with your Libra lover. They can be one of the sweetest people you're ever going to be with so make sure you show them cherish whatever they can offer. It's one of the most important things you can do for them.

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