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Children are said to be lucky if they have Libra parents as they are portrayed as one of the coolest parents one can have; but what does the stars say about having teenager Libras to raise?

Teenagers in general are difficult to work out because of the raging hormones and changes that they usually find hard to cope with. Parents and adults, however, will find teens born under the sign of the scales a lot easier to deal with. Libras, by nature, are fair minded and conscientious people. Although this sign has the tendency to be fickle, you trust them to put their loved ones before them. Most teenagers feel misunderstood and although Libra teens can feel that way, they have a sound mind to stop and think of the pros and cons first before giving in to any spur of the moment decisions. They know that reacting out of present emotions can sometimes lead to bad things and they keep that in mind. Libras are the diplomatic type so don’t worry about them getting into fights. They tend to slide their way out of sticky situations with a smile or a few explanations. Not that you should be slack in checking in on them but showing them that you trust them to take care of their own business in a matured way could make a huge difference. Be sure to reprimand them when they need reprimanding, of course. You still need to show them who the boss is. Just give them enough freedom to learn how to make important decisions on their own but also let them feel and know that you’re just there to help them and guide them to the right path.

As far as socializing and making friends, they won’t have a problem in this area. They are natural social butterflies and people just like them no matter where they go. They almost always know the right things to say even in awkward situations and their smiles can melt people’s hearts. In a group, they tend to be the ice breakers, trying to start up conversations, making sure everyone are engaged and no one is left out. They are also the type to volunteer in school and community functions so they usually don’t have a lot of idle time. Of course being social butterflies you also have to expect them to ask you if they can join parties or go out with friends at night. They don’t like getting cooped up in the house unless there’s a very interesting project in there so encourage them to take up hobbies that would take up a lot of their time if you do not want them going out every single night. They enjoy the attention so prepare yourselves if they like throwing parties in your home too from time to time. They like playing the host and they are very good at it. It could just be slumber parties or a weekend video game with friends at school, so don’t panic yet. In fact, this is something you should encourage. It’s better that way because inviting their friends over means you will get to meet the people they hang out with often.

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