Libra Parents

Libra Parents

Children may find themselves one of the luckiest kids in more ways than one if they have Libra parents. Libras are considered one of the best parents of the zodiac because they tend to have a special connection with their children that not every parent are blessed (or skilled) enough to have. It's not all luck, though. These people work hard to be in a good relationship. Libras are people pleaser and it's not any different when it comes to family.

As with any parent, Librans want only the best for their children. They like to have the finer things in life and when it comes to their kids, they won't settle for anything less. Birthdays are usually a huge occasion where the Libra go all the way customizing cakes and decorations especially for a children's party. They enjoy inviting people over and are great hosts. The amiable and elegant ways they exude is something they will pass on to their children. They encourage them to pursue their interests especially if this includes moving in a social circle that will develop their manners and social grace because they believe this will prepare their kids to face the world. They also believe that aesthetics is a big part of life so they always make sure they and their kids are dressed to the nines. Even if that means they have to spend a huge part of their income on clothes. In the case of mother Libras, they'd dress their daughters with the latest and most elegant finds they can put their hands on so it's not a surprise when they get upset if their daughter is a bit tomboyish.

Libras teach by example. For instance, they are very affectionate and by showing their kids the love and respect they have for them, they are able to instill these values to the child. They are also known to be somewhat diplomatic and hate conflict so they try their best to create harmony in the home. They don't like to have favoritisms so sibling rivalry is usually not a problem. They try to make sure their kids feel loved and are treated equally. They will teach them to analyze situations so they know when to compromise and cooperate.

One thing the Libra parent must avoid is being indecisive. It is actually a part of their personality but it doesn't help parenting. Saying "go ask your mom / dad" all the time may give kids the idea they can manipulate you and before you know it, they already are. Make sure you are consistent especially with rules that you set. Libra parents are easy-going and tend to give their kids a good size of freedom but make sure that you draw the line somewhere they see it clearly. This will help them respect rules instead of bending it which they can easily get away with if the Libra parent go lax. It's very rare that you have to make threats but if do make sure you carry them out if you want the kids to take you seriously.

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