Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Libra men are fun, always accommodating and very generous. Unfortunately, they are also dubbed a womanizer. Not that they don’t deserve that, they actually do. Libras are known to be flirtatious and enjoy any attention they can get. The thing is, there are times they don’t really know they are flirting. And when they do, they find it very harmless which is not always the case for the person they’re flirting with. It’s very easy to fall for a Libra because they will make you feel loved and cared for and have you asking for more so be careful when you’re around them.

These men ruled by the planet Venus are lovers to the highest degree but that doesn’t make it easy for them to commit to a long term relationship much more a marriage. Let’s face it, a marriage would mean they can only be with one person forever whereas being single gives them the freedom to get the attention they want from every woman who cares to give it to them. Libras are always trying to find that one true love because they are in love (or even obsessed) with love itself. And the problem is that after the initial spark wears off, they tend to wonder if they made the right decision and eventually look elsewhere. These men want someone that gives them the chills. They want someone they have to chase after because this makes the  “prize” sweeter. They want the fairy tale romance where a kiss would make their girl’s leg rise and the slightest touch of the skin makes them want to blush.

If you want to get this guy into the altar you should keep him on his toes and never let him get bored. Try to think of ways to keep things between you interesting. It is the key to keeping this guy yours before and after you get married. It’s not just the sex too. You need to stimulate his brain and give him puzzles to solve and make sure he gets a sweet surprise if he figures it out. There is wide range of things he can be interested in so try to figure those out. Or simply … ask him. He would find it delightful to know you are interested in getting to know him even better.

If you find yourself married to a Libra guy, consider yourself very lucky because even though they seem a hand full as single men (not they aren’t when they get married :p), Libra men are for keeps. Once they commit to someone, it is something they hold on to. He is very open so communication is the key. Trust them to be honest with you as they expect you to be towards them.

Libra men won’t hesitate to ask you to be his partner forever if he sees the right combination of thoughtfulness and attentiveness, sweetness and playfulness that he himself is very willing to give to the person who makes him feel complete.

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