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Libra in Different Houses 2

Continuing the discussion of how Libra affects the different houses, we will now be discussing the rest of the houses. In the previous published article, we know that Libra affects each house in a positive way with a bit of precaution to ensure a harmonious living.
Libra in the Seventh House. Welcome home Libra! This is your house. Your zodiac and your planet Venus rules and controls this house. You will be comfortable here. The seventh house is all about relationships and partnerships. It is mostly about personal and love affairs because a Libra is big on that but may also be about relationships and your attitude with (and towards) colleagues and business and work peers. You always value relationships so it may sound easy but be careful about suffocating your partner. Be wary of the space you give and get. Continuous romance is good but be careful how you maintain it. You value your freedom so value others' as well.
Libra in the Eighth House. Generally, you bring positive vibes to any house you visit so, hopefully, it will be the same in the 8th house. The house ruled and controlled by the zodiac Scorpio and the planet Mars may bring a bit of problem if you're not careful. This deals with life and death, inheritance and investments, new beginnings and problems, sex, sexual urges and deep meanings. Make sure to turn your energies combined with these factors into something positive and you will have a long, wonderful life. Let your intuition guide you and don't let outside influences ruin your moment. This also deals with reproduction (new beginnings, life, sex, sexual urges) so Libra entering the eighth house may be a good time to plan a family. Just be guided accordingly.
Libra in the Ninth House. This will be fun house for you to enter. The ninth house is ruled by the zodiac Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. It deals not just with travel but also challenges, answers, ideals, education, learning and growing. You will learn a lot from traveling to foreign countries. This is something to plan for when waiting for Libra to enter the 9th house. You will broaden your horizons and viewpoints so make the most of this experience.
Libra in the Tenth House. Controlled and ruled by the zodiac Capricorn and the planet Saturn, you may find it hard to subscribe to their brand of restrictions but since you have the knack to turn things to your advantage, you have a change to work on your ambitions, aspirations and career when Libra enters the tenth house. Be sure to carefully choose what career path you want to pursue, this is the time to decide so grab the opportunity. It is said deciding in this season will be good for your future.
Libra in the Eleventh House. The eleventh house is controlled and ruled by the zodiac Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It mainly covers your social life so try to go and make friends with your neighbors and other people around. This is the time to renew acquaintances and strengthen friendships. 
Libra in the Twelfth House. This house is ruled by Pisces and Neptune. It's all about seclusion, sacrifices, faith and a lot of personal things. Be careful when you enter the 12th house, you may want to be alone for a while and that's fine. Just be sure to know when to stop and go out again. The world will go on without you so don't get left behind. You may also want to be wiser with your money and resources when Libra enters the 12th house.

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