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Libra in Different Houses 1

Each zodiac is assigned its own house. In his house, he's the ruler. He is, however, not caged in it. His existence doesn't stop there. He is also, not the end all and be all of the structure. Nothing is constant in the universe; planets and stars shift. Things change. But that's not the end of the world for the Libra. Each zodiac has a significance wherever they set foot. They create a ripple in the water but it's up to you whether you can turn it to a positive or a negative event. This article aims to guide people whether they are Libras or not. 
Libra in the First House. The first house is ruled by the zodiac Aries and the planet Mars and it's all about personality (and everything that goes with it). Libra visiting the first house ascendant will affect a person's well-being in general. It will have a significant effect on a person's relations, emotions and sympathies. A Libra is represented by the scales for a reason. They lead balanced lives and are level headed. They are popular among their peers and relations because they know where their emotions and sympathies lie.
Libra in the Second House. A famous line from a French fiction reads: "Do you think we can really be loving if we are short of bread?" Financial security and emotional security may clash when Libra visits the second house so be careful analyzing the situation at hand. That of yours and your partner's. make sure you realize the value of money and invest it in somthing that will give good returns. The second house is ruled by the zodiac Taurus and the planet Venus. This house is about affairs; both of financial and of love. It is a bit contrasting at first glance but they are actually associated. 
Libra in the Third House. The house ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury deals with family relations, communication, and attitude. It may also deal with the environment and traveling. The Gemini is a social butterfly and so is a Libra, joining these two may mean restlessness so you may want to travel to meet new people in a different setting. This may not sit well with family if they want relations to be near. You know you may benefit from traveling but you also value your family very much. Make sure you know to prioritize family, relations, and travel.
Libra in the Fourth House. Ruled by the Moon and the zodiac Cancer, this house deals more of family, home and the domestic life. It's like a continuation of the dilemmas of the third house but family and domesticity will have more pull here. The zodiac Cancer is known to be clingy so this affects you a lot. If at the third house you may want to leave a lot, in the fourth house you may leave a lot but want to return all the time.
Libra in the Fifth House. Controlled by the Leo and the Sun, this deals with romance, pleasure, creativity and a lot of risks and hot pursuits. Leos are risky but also plan carefully, they are known to go for what they want and this will sit well with Libra's careful ways.
Libra in the Sixth House. This house ruled by the zodiac Virgo and the planet Mercury. Virgos are more grounded so expect a lot of focus on routine, work, health, and well-being in general. Be careful about your health and make sure you follow a strict healthy routine when Libra enters the 6th House.
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