Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Although dubbed "the biggest romantic" among the zodiacs, it won't be easy to make this person jump right into bed with you. At least not right away. They get attracted to good looks easily, being ruled by the planet Venus which represents beauty, but it takes more than good looks and well grooming to make them want you bad enough to throw away all hesitations hanging in the air. No, they're not prude and do not live by the save-the-best-for-last-attitude. They just want to make each and every intimate moment a moment to remember. They want to be able to call each time with you "the best time". Again, it's easy to get their attention. Showering them with presents is easy enough. Libras are the most appreciative people in the universe. Women love chocolates to flowers to a dinner date to jewelries. Men will love your home cooked meals, baseball tickets or that watch he's been eyeing for a while. Libras love meaningful conversations and a lot of compliments and praises. So assuming you got past all the impressing and sweeping-off-their-feet-part and you got yourself a Libra that is so into you, you now need to know how to fulfill their erotic desires to keep them coming back for more and what best way to start than to get them started?

For Libras, getting into THE moment doesn't have to start with the physical. Work her up by suggesting "it" in other ways like leaving a sexy lingerie in her bed and telling her it's a present even though there isn't any occasion to celebrate. Or telling her how beautiful she will look at your night out before she has even put her party dress on. Lingeries would work for Libra men too but not the same way for Libra women. Leave your underwear in his bed before you leave the next morning and make sure he finds it or text him in the middle of the day while he's at work and tell him you're at work with no panties on. Suggesting sexy thoughts would get your Libra partner in the mood right away and would want to know more.

When it comes to the kissing department, a Libra is one of the best kissers around. Make sure you compliment it by being able to follow every thrust of the tongue, every pout of the lips and every little bites they release. Steal kisses from them over dinner or while night walking at the park under the moonlight. Slip a finger under their shirts and touch their tummies a bit below the belly button and see how they react to it *wink-wink.* Music in the bedroom is always helpful. Depending on the mood you want to set, pick something that would help you get her into the moment. A little upbeat music could help in a very playful and experimental time while a slower more soulful one could help you share a very sweet night in bed. Oils and creams for a massage can make your Libra either purr or growl.

Again, everything depends on the mood you want to set. Time it properly and have some "paraphernalia" on the ready and take your time.

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