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Libra: Firm Believer of Karma

Libras are naturally calm and patient. They are the arbiters in fights and the speaker when there are arguments. They can be drama queens (or kings) but they also know when to stop being one. They tend to be diplomatic in nature and prefer to work things out in a way that would please everyone. There are a few reasons why Libras act this way (other than it's in their nature because the moon and the stars dictate it); the main reason being Libras are a firm believer of Karma.

A Libra would put himself (or herself) in the shoes of the opposite team and try to understand where they come from because they want others to do the same for them. Yep, Libras like to abide by the golden rule. Not that they're just afraid of bad karma. Libras are naturally compassionate and helpful. They will do you favors and expect nothing in return. Libras are people pleasers. They feed off the positive vibes that their peers radiate. Naturally, if they keep making people around them happy, they will have more happy juice to shower with (erm not that kind of happy juice). They like being in the company of positive people so they become positive too. 

If a Libra did you (or anyone) harm, stop and think before you scream bloody revenge. They may not have meant it. In fact, this is most likely the case. Whatever that mistake is, you may want to point it out to them. Libras don't take things like this lightly. Let them know what wrong they have done and they will apologize and try to mend what they broke (figuratively or literaly). Unlike others they would want to be informed of their mishaps. For them, it's better to be called out on a mistake than let them keep on doing it over and over. They like to learn even if it means they fail sometimes so they won't mind being reprimanded.

Some people see Libras as individuals with weak personalities. Although they can be passionate about their beliefs and their purpose, they will patiently wait for the other person to present their own ideas. Instead of seeing this as a weak point like other people do, the Libra seeks to gain knowledge from their counterpart's ideas. They don't see it as succumbing to the opposition's whims, they like to set an example of fairness. If they can show other people that they can be fair and just by allowing them to have the stage, they hope for the other party to give them their own time to convince that their idea is worth it. If it turns out that the other party's idea is better than theirs then they will acknowledge it but that doesn't mean that they already lost. They just gained more knowledge and experience and they will work harder next time to come up with something that would not only beat others but make them better at what they do as well.

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