Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Breaking up with your Libra partner might have been one of the hardest decisions you've done. Nevertheless, you have done it so give yourself a pat on the back for being strong and holding your ground. If Libra was the one who initiated the break up then you might still feel devastated. Either way, you will wonder about a few things. What happens after? Is it really over? And how do you think your Libra partner would react?

After breaking up, you might still think about how it would be like if you hadn't done it. You will miss the good times like normal and newly single individuals do but this feeling is most strong in the case with your Libra ex because they can be the most lovable people on the zodiac wheel. As a partner, the people pleaser Libra will do everything he / she can to be your ideal lover and fulfill all your fantasies (sexual or not) and it would be very hard to let go of that thought if not the person himself. Even when you break up (given you parted ways in good terms) Libra will still care for you and treat you the same way they did when you were still together. Caring comes from them naturally so it's hard to take all that away.  If you want to get over them sooner try to avoid contact with them unless highly necessary. If you work in the same office try to take about a week leave to pull yourself together. If you're used to eating your lunch together refuse to do so until you have fully recovered or risk getting hurt or getting back together. I mean, yes you were already sure when you broke up with him / her but there's always that temptation to run into each others arm again (or try to). The hardest part is that Libras tend to still flirt with their exes so you need to read between the lines and see if they're trying to do it on purpose or not. They most likely aren't because they do flirt without realizing it. They may think they're just being nice so if they are you need to resist the urge to flirt back or trouble might follow. Your Libra ex can move on easier than you can imagine. Yes they might be very much in love with you when you were together but they are also adaptive and can let go easier than most zodiacs.

It's okay to admit you still care about your Libra ex, or are even a little bit in love with them still. It's usually always that way when two people who have shared very intimate moments and details about themselves part ways but you have to face reality and close this chapter of your life. Whether it was your or your Libra partner (rather ex) who ended the relationship, what you should focus on is how to move on and not the "what ifs." It is what your Libra ex will want.

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