Keeping the Romance alive with a Libra

How do I keep my Romance alive with a libra?

Winning a Libra doesnít stop when you got them to say yes. One of the biggest mistake that people in a relationship does is that they stop trying to please or impress their partners once they win them over. Both parties need to keep each other on their feet and make their relationship fun as it was when they first started. Here are a few of the things to keep that romantic flame with a Libra burning.

Be As Much As A Social Butterfly As He/She Is. Go out when he asks you to go out. Donít stay cooped up in the house. A Libra doesnít like being alone and although he has you, heís born to mingle with people so he will look for that feeling of being in the company of a group of people. He will do the same for you when you want to go out so do not hesitate to give in to his request.

Show How You Trust Him and Value His Freedom. Libranís are big on freedom to do things their own way. They do not want to feel caged in and they will not have their partners feel that way either. If they want to go out with their friends let them. This also shows you trust him to do things when youíre not around. A Libra likes to flirt around, yes, but he only does this to boost his confidence. Libranís wonít take it seriously especially since they are attached. Sometimes they donít even know they are flirting. So make him feel you trust him enough and wonít get jealous or over react. A Libra can tolerate jealousy but only to a point. If itís too much, expect him to head to the nearest exit. In return, your Libra partner will trust you to go out your own way. But donít just do this for him. Value both your independence and he will have much respect for you..

Let Them Help You With Your Problems. Librans are fixers. They like to mend things and solve problems. So expect him to help you out with your problems. Donít let your pride rule. Librans are very affectionate and being their partner they will want to help you out and treat your problems as theirs. When a Libra accepts you he will accept everything about you. He will also want to share the weight that is on your shoulders.

Avoid Arguing And Causing Conflicts. Librans are peaceful and diplomatic in nature. They do not like to argue instead they will compromise or avoid arguing altogether. Do not argue for the sake of argument, the Libra wonít want this.

Spice Up Your Sex Life. The usual wonít do. Librans are very touchy and showy of their affection in public so just imagine when the two of you are alone. They will try anything once so donít be surprised if he pulls some tricks out of his sleeves. Better yet, try to think of your own tricks and be the one to surprise him!

Always Look Your Best. Never give your Libra partner a reason to look the other way. He will not want to look at you if you donít try to keep yourself presentable at the least. He might look at others at the first chance he gets if youíre slack at taking care of your appearance. Make sure you keep your appearance up for a Librans vanity does not stop at himself. It extends to their partners. Librans like to dress up and keep themselves fit so make sure you return the favor.

By: Bryce jackson Published: Dec 26th 2010

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