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Normally, it's not hard talking to a Libra man. Not that he's communicative. He actually hates any form of serious confrontation. He is attentive and always accommodating, though. So he would answer your questions and work through inquiries as much as he can and in a very diplomatic way. Libras are like that in general when handling issues; diplomatic, civil and scholarly. However, there are times their more ... unfavorable traits come out. Libras are also dubbed fickle, indecisive and, at times, indifferent. Problems arise when you find that the Libra guy is not communicating with you. Especially if you're in a relationship. So how does one communicate with a Libra man?
First, there's a need for you to figure out why he's not answering your calls or your questions directly. Before you get angry and go all mental in confronting him, analyze the things that led to your current situation because maybe it's nothing serious and you're just over reacting. For example, it's true that a Libra man in a relationship is attentive and sweet but he needs some alone time like most guys do. So maybe the reason he didn't call you the next day after a whole night of love making is that he wants to watch TV and catch up on his sports shows and his video games after spending a whole week attenting to the things that makes you happy. It doesn't necessarily mean he's done with you or he's out seeing someone else. He needs a social life of his own so let him hang out with his friends. It will actually do you good to have one of your own too. Go out with your own set of friends and have a life outside the relationship. Trust him to go out without you. Make him feel that you do. Trust can mean a lot to a partner. Although Libra men have a natural flirtatious personality, he won't do anything that would hurt you or damage your relationship if he really cares about you. Yes, he likes being surrounded by women but the fact that he's "with you" should mean something. ;-)
If, for example, you had an argument the previous day and you didn't hear from him right away, it's probably because he's actually just being a Libra. Again, Libras talk a lot but they aren't much when it comes to confrontations. He's not calling because he most probably didn't want to argue. Before putting your war paint on, pause for a while and give him the benefit of the doubt. Or, fine, don't give him the benefit of the doubt but give yourself a little self respect. You don't want to look uneducated and act with little decorum. Let both your heads cool down. It's easier to think clearly and talk clearly that way. You don't want to say something you're going to regret in the end.
No matter what the issue is, there's always a better way of handling it. Wait and think a while before acting. A Libra may be indecisive and can take his sweet, sweet time before resolving an issue but you could learn from that too. Slow and steady wins the race. Or, at least they avoid accidents that way. :)

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