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Whether it's their birthday, your anniversary or it's christmas, getting a present for your Libra partner can prove to be a task. You'd think it's easy being the significant other who's supposed to know a lot, if not everything, about what can make your partner genuinely pleased. There is no denying you know his / her personality very well, so why is it so hard to get the perfect present? Because often times you forget about the most important thing you need when deciding what to get for Libra. Really, the only thing you need is to consult your partner's personality and ideas will come flowing from every direction.

Throw A Party. Libra's love socializing. They have friends from different phases of their lives and they like to keep in touch with them. So for your Libra partner's  birthday, throw them a party they (and the people in it) will never forget. Find a list of their friends on their phonebook and ask them to help you organize or at least making sure other friends that you couldn't contact or have not met are invited too. Your partner will appreciate that you are, in a way, bonding with his / her friends while trying to do something else. As for the party itself, music is a great way to light up the night. Generally, Libras LOVE to dance! Work with balloons, flowers, confetti, lots of good food and booze to crete the perfect party atmosphere. This is something he / she would remember and talk about for years to come!

Artsy Fartsy Presents. This sign is a big fan of the aesthetics so get them something that would appeal to their artsy side. If within the budget, you can get them a painting or a table top piece that signifies professing your undying devotion to him / her. That or a simple portrait your partner in charcoal. If you have a hard time picking paintings or you just don't have the patience to, you may want to look for something you will enjoy as well. Get tickets to a theatrical show or a musical if you want. You can share this experience and talk about it afterwards.

Enroll The Libra In Classes. Or just one would do. Don't just enroll them in a dance class; these days there are a specific type of dance classes that you can master so you could pick one you think they would truly enjoy. If your partner favors modern music you can sign them up for street dancing or even pole dancing. This type of activity can be a great exercise so, really, you're doing Libra a favor. You may also sign them up for cooking lessons and of course painting or sculpting if they aren't already doing that.

Show them how much they are appreciated. At the end of the day it's your undying affection that matters to a Libra. They want to feel the sweet effects that love brings so give them that and you'll find yourself rewarded.

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