Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you



It may take time before a gay Libra comes out of the closet, if they ever were in it. Other than the fact that they themselves may not 
know it yet, society dictates this is "unnatural" and since they like pleasing people, they would choose to show what people wants to see over their own choices.
Because there is the so-called social norm, most have a pre-conceived notion on gay people. This makes them struggle to work harder than any other individual. For a Libra, who is a natural people-pleaser, there is a constant need to prove themselves to others. Double this and you know you're dealing with a member of the "third sex". Gay Libras give more than any other people would. They want to be more fun, more friendly, more talented, more passionate and, generally, more than what you can ever imagine.
A Gay Libra is very popular with their peers. If you see a crowd, chances are our Libra diva is in the middle of it AND is the reason for it. They are twice the social butterfly we thought a Libra could ever be. Hey, the greater the crowd the more audience for whatever shennanigans they can think of, right? They may seem a bit of a show-off at times, and they are. But it's all for fun. They like seeing you smile and love the fact that they're the reason for that smile. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement that they brought happiness to someone especially if they care about that particular someone. They love parties and gatherings and they love the idea of partying till you drop but a little known fact about the gay Libra is that they would never take it to a level where it would affect their health and their looks.
Of course, being ruled by Venus, they have a natural love for the aesthetics. They have a take on beauty that they are never scared to voice out whether it be the arts or beauty of the physical kind. They know how to appreciate colors and they know how to use them boldly. They can express themselves through their art like no one else can. If you think they are passionate, they are even more passionate (to the point of obsession) about the subject of style. Every article of clothing, in every color and sizes has a meaning and they have to match. And surgery? Don't even start with that. These are the people who are never scared to go all out when it comes to how they look. They would work hard and save up for it like it's a life and death matter. They'd rather not eat for a week than be seen without make up on or live with that unnatural mole on their cheek. 
Although they are loud, they don't like getting in fights. They believe they can talk everything over, and gay Libras talk a LOT.They have a natural way of convincing people too so they usually end up making the other party agree to a compromise. Though they are passionate, a gay Libra doesn't mind settling in the middle if it means everybody will be happy in the end.

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