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Of all the air signs (or the whole zodiac wheel), Libra might be the easiest to break up with. First though, you need to make sure this is what you want. I mean, Libras, like most air signs, are so fun and breezy and probably the most drama free people (unless provoked and we'll get to that later) so they do sound like the most ideal people to be with. The only real problem you might have is that it takes a while for them to commit fully so if you're in a hurry. That might be the biggest reason why you would even think of ending a relationship with them. Now, if you have decided to really break up with the Libra then here are a few suggestions on how to do it and what you should avoid while doing so.

Pick a quiet setting. Ask them out to a restaurant or a park where you can talk with no interruptions. Do this at home if you must. It might actually be better that way in case things get out of hand (you'll never know). Taking the Libra out might help to make sure he / she is in a pleasurable mood. They may be quite forgiving but getting them upset can make them lash out even if they didn't mean to. These are peace loving people but even the nicest person can act out given the right situation. You don't want to embarrass yourself especially in public so … as the song goes … break it to me gently.

Do not blame Libra for the Break-up. Or at least try not to. This is the best way to upset them and the only time they tend to create drama is when they are upset. Blaming the break up to them can provoke them to make a scene and you don't want that. Your Libra partner (and soon to be ex) is a people pleaser so they will believe that they have done what they can to make things work out and that they gave you what you want. As proof, expect that the "what can i do to fix things?" question to pop up during the conversation. Avoid answering this question or tell them straight up that there is nothing else and that you have thought about it very carefully. Mention "your" plans for the future and leave them out of it so they get the point. They may cry but (if this is what you really want) you need to stand your ground.

Thank Libra. Thank them for the good and even the bad times; for the experience, loving, caring and understanding that they gave you during the time you were together. If you feel you can, tell them you want to stay friends; you will actually end up being that if you part with no hard feelings. It may take a while but Libras are actually very flexible and can cope easier than most zodiacs. Tell them you regret it but it's the only way things can be better between the two of you.

In whatever type of relationship, it is best to part in a good way. Not doing so will only gain you enemies and it's such a shame to have a very objective and understanding Libra as one.

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