Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Librans are the most cheerful and fun loving people in the zodiac. They exude such warmth and joy in their conduct that they generally become everyone’s favorite. For a Libran it is a cake walk to make other people comfortable around them. They can gel with the most difficult people in the universe. Such is their influence on people. That’s the reason a Libran matches with people of other Zodiac signs so easily. Being ruled by Venus, Librans are great lovers and passionate mates in bed. The following signs are believed to be the most compatible with a Libran.


  • Gemini:  Ruled by the element air, both Gemini and Libra share the same passion for life. It’s a steamy association between both the signs. Their chemistry knows no bounds and its generally overflowing with lot of intimate and awesome moments together. They can have long conversations with each other and can grow within themselves with the feedback from each other. Both have outgoing personalities and hence can respect the partner’s need to have a strong social presence. A cool headed Gemini can understand a Libras fierce relationship needs. They both are fun loving and can have a lot of fun together without getting bored of each other. In short they have a fiery chemistry.
  • Aquarius: Aquarians are known for their intelligent bend of mind and logic. Librans find them attractive because of their intelligence and the way they carry themselves. Aquarians are very confident in social situations and Librans like it. An Aquarian and Libran bonding is very smooth and free flowing. They get along with each other without much of an effort. Aquarians love Librans for their jovial nature fun loving attitude. A Libran brings the naughty spark back in the strong headed Aquarians life. They are like the sun and the rainbow, made for each other.
  • Leo: Fire sign Leo share a very passionate relationship with a Libra. Librans ability to be excellent in bed is complemented by a Leo’s fire. They blend beautifully and evoke such chemistry that it seems that they are partners for births after births. Both the signs are in love with love and romance. This relationship is at times may reach a platonic level, leaving behind the insecurities of the world. Even though a Leo might not share the same kind of intellectual conversations like a Libran does, still they can surpass those differences because they are ruled by the same passion, i.e. love.
  • Sagittarius: A Sagittarian is also a fire sign and makes an excellent pair for a Libra. It’s a combination of fire and air. One fuels the other and helps the other grow. Even though they might not be exactly same in their preferences, the best part about this union is that they can appreciate each other like no one can. That’s the reason one sees very little tension in this association. A Libran is attracted to a Sagittarian because he feels some kind of security and approval around him/her.

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