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A Day in the Life of A Libra

Each to their own. Although, Libras share the same characteristics, owing it to the alignment of the moon, the stars, the planets and every other heavenly body you can think of, they still have different preferences. These differences can show in their daily tasks and activities. Most of the Libras tasks are things that he or she chose to do. They are rarely forced to do what they don't like. Being diplomatic in nature, they try to level with others and see things their way so they don't accept tasks grudgingly. If it's something that they don't feel is acceptable, they tend to think of ways to do something that would both accomplish the task and also make the other parties satisfied. 
Libras are almost always out and about partying with friends or just hanging out and having a good laugh. They are usually right in the middle of what is happening because they like being the center of attention. They like delivering the funniest jokes or the most controversial gossip. More often than not you will see them in the company of others or yourself. They don't like being alone so they would pull people away from whatever it is they are doing. Fortunately for them, Libras have a kind of charisma that makes other people follow their ideas. Most Libras don't like to lead because that usually takes making big decisions in a flash which they are not comfortable doing. They are capable of doing it, of course, but being represented by scales they like to take their time analyzing things and weighing their options. However, their happy nature and fun-loving attitude can be infectious so people tend to follow their lead. They love making their friends and family happy so they plan activities that everyone would enjoy. Their ideas are generally liked so if they ask you to hang out with them, even if you had it planned to stay home and sulk the rest of the weekend because you broke up with your boyfriend of two weeks, you might have that urge to throw away your grand plans and just spend your time partying with the Libra. 
Libras like to party and hang out with friends but they can also spend the whole day working whether it be in front of the computer being a desk jock or out there traveling wherever their work takes them. Someone has to pay the bills, right? But working, for a Libra, doesn't mean they have to spend the whole day being sulky about it. Libras adapt very well to their surroundings so they will find a way to make the workplace enjoyable. If it means they have to harrass (and we mean that in a good way) their coworkers into having fun with them to make a laborious day bearable they will do that. 
They may have different ideas of how to make the most out of their days but in the end, these romantic air signs just want to wind down with their loved ones. So make sure you're ready for a cuddle (or more) when they get home and open your ears (and hearts) for their stories. No matter what kind of Libra you are with, they sure will have an eventful day to tell you about.

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