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Librans can do well in most professions because they have a very clear focus and are hardly carried away by disturbances. They are very articulate and have amazingly good people management skills. People love to work with them because they can be trusted with work and are very sincere and dedicated. Because Librans have a very sharp mind they love to keep themselves abreast with the latest news and important issues in the society. They come along as people with lot of knowledge and sense. They are exceptional in handling difficult situations which need a lot of diplomatic skills. Librans are tactful in their approach and can be very good as mediators and negotiators. They are very charming and never lose their cool. Their calm and composed nature makes them a perfect fit for jobs that need a lot of mental stress and mind games.

Librans would generally do well in the following professions:

·         Lawyers: Librans are always just and believe that justice is everyone’s right. One can see Librans standing up for a lot of social issues on injustice. Because Librans have a very sharp mind and are excellent orators they do well as lawyers or in any profession related to law. They are diplomatic and can very well turn the table to their side without being unjust.

·         Mediators: With Librans’ excellent people management skills they are the right choice as mediators and negotiators. They do a very good job of closing deals between two parties making sure that it’s a win-win situation for both the parties. They are tactful and hence can make their way out of difficult situations that might require a high level of intervention. Without being called rude or losing their temper, Librans can lead a meeting of very difficult people and see that it reaches a conclusion without anyone getting offended. They are perfect as the person who can keep everyone happy.

·         Human Resource Personnel: Librans do well in HR departments of offices. They are meant to be with people and they understand people very well. One feels comfortable sharing one’s problems with a Libran because of their compassionate nature. HR personnel require a lot of interaction with people and it is expected out of them to have a very balanced temperament when dealing with people. Librans, because of their balanced personality, do well in these kinds of jobs. They know how to talk to people in a way that he or she would like and also drive the point across. With their ever smiling face they can beautifully mend their ways in a high pressure HR job.

·         Social Worker: Librans have a strong feeling towards social causes and always have that urge to do something for the society. They believe in justice and equality or everyone. This is the reason they do well in social service jobs. They do it with all their heart. A Libran’s true inspiration is people and hence they feel a deep satisfaction doing something for people who need help. Due to their compassionate nature they can relate very well with the feelings of the deprived and hence can work around them effortlessly.

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