Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

Libra, the sun sign in itself comes directly from the heart chakra which symbolizes love. A Libra lover therefore has a very warm personality and an affectionate nature that makes her adorable to one and all. She is very understanding and will often try to place herself in the other person’s shoes as she is genuinely concerned. People may mistake this aspect of her personality as being flirtatious but to her care for others is all that matters. A Libran woman worships romance and strongly believes in her fantasies of her Prince Charming setting aside ground reality. Aquarius and Gemini, being the other two air elements that along with Libra form a trilogy are said to be the best match for Libra, but let us see all the positive forces that favours the romanticism of Libra and try to balance them with the negative ones.

LIBRA WOMEN AND GEMINI MEN - They have a lot of things in common. The biggest asset of this relation is that Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury represents communication and the Venus of Libra symbolizes love. Thus love of Libra expressed in the communication of Gemini makes it a near to perfect relation. The only hindrance is that the flirtatious social butterfly in Libra might at times annoy the self preserved Gemini but with efficient communication this can be easily overcome.

LIBRA WOMEN AND TAURUS MEN - Both of them, sharing mutual love for art, poetry, classical music and culture makes a good beginning. But Taurus represents the element of earth and is strongly grounded to reality whereas Libra on the other hand being of air element is often impractical and dwells in her fantasies. Both, being governed by the planet Venus, can easily get over their differences as they have a lot in common.

LIBRA WOMEN AND LEO MEN - If Libran women will behold serenity around her, Leo men will argue for the sake of argument. Despite the possibility of verbal conflicts what keeps them together are their warmth and the ability to satisfy each other’s physical needs. Also Libra calms the roaring lion Leo, and Leo helps the indecisive Libra take decisions with his natural gift of leadership. Hence there is a possibility of a harmonious relation between the two.

LIBRA WOMEN AND LIBRA MEN - Having all things in common, their aesthetic sense, love for arts and affectionate nature both make a perfect pair. The drawbacks would be that a Libran’s weakness would be her partner’s weakness too. The best way to make the relation work is to understand that both have the same negative forces that pull them down along with the perfectly matched positive ones.

LIBRA WOMEN AND SAGITTARIUS MEN - The warm flirtatious nature of Libra can make a Sagittarian highly jealous since Libra possesses a highly likeable personality. While a Sagittarian spends generously, a Libran woman is self-indulgent and materialistic. The plus points are that both of them understand each other’s independence and the fantasies of a Libran attract the ever adventurous Sagittarian.

LIBRA WOMEN AND AQUARIUS MEN - Besides Gemini, Aquarius being the other air element matches Libra perfectly. The adventurous approach of Aquarius towards romance fascinates Libra.Both are very social and friendly. While Libra tries to see the good in everyone, Aquarius helps her to be decisive and stand on her own feet.

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