Make a scorpio woman fall in love with you

To stretch out the wings of love, to seek beauty in truth, law and justice; to neither rise nor fall, to glide across, to not flutter but drift gently with the air currents that perfectly blend with the paired wings of the feminine and the masculine - that defines a true Libran.

 To understand the delicate balance of Libra, we need to understand the other two air elements Gemini and Aquarius. The three sun signs represent one whole of the mental cycle or the trilogy; one cannot exist without the other two. Gemini represents our mental expression on a personal level; how we communicate with ourselves, our individual ideas and learning power. Gemini is fast-flowing with ups and downs. The third sign, Aquarius, represents mass ideas, group discussions, teams and nations which connect the universe as a whole and the idea of self is lost. Time in Aquarius is stable, slow and dwells in the past. Gemini and Aquarius are absolute mental opposites. Libra is midway between the two opposites where the inner self and outer dwell in perfect harmony; where the concept of relationship comes, between two individuals. If the symbol of two hands in Gemini signifies the paired hands of a single individual, that he is at harmony with himself; the paired hands in Libra signify that of a woman and a man, two completely different individuals yet perfectly balanced with each other. Time in Libra is neither slow like that of Aquarius, nor fast like that of Gemini but a relative concept, which can be seen in both directions; thus Libra balances the constant ripples of Gemini with the stillness of Aquarius.

Gemini marks the beginning of a relation, Aquarius finalizes its destiny, and Libra is where the relationship is perfectly balanced. Librans worship beauty, style and wealth; have a unique aesthetic sense and love the classical and traditional form of music that maintains its poise midst the modern din.

When it comes to true balance, Librans have their self-made definition of balance. Gemini would define balance as when the two sides of the weighing scale are perfectly equal. Gemini would compare the commercial mundane value of one item against another and search for the better of the two. But Libra would try to see how both exist together, in balance of ideas and not compare against each other by any measurable criteria. If there are two paintings Gemini would compare the critical strokes of each whereas Libra would see the beauty in both and try to harmonize the value of both looking at them as two different paintings without demeaning the beauty of one as opposed to another. In a judgement Gemini would be critical and take one side firmly, Aquarius would be the jury since it involves the group as a whole, but Libra will try to see the truth in both the sides and harmonize the conflict. In this aspect Librans may appear indecisive but they are impartial and that defines balance for them.

Librans see two ideas as one by their own artistic talent which no instrument no matter how scientific can ever do. Librans are the ones who have left the neutral expression for Adam and Eve as one, have picked the apple of knowledge, understood the male and female forms as separate entities and have started a new journey to find their mates, to harmonize a relation in the perfectly balanced paired wings of love, justice and truth.

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